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I did, and it was amazing! I loved it!

Beauty and the -- SPOILERS! )

So overall? Go watch it! Seriously, it's amazing.
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...and it was a great movie!

To boldly go where no one has gone be -- SPOILERS! )

So overall? Awesome movie. Definitely recommended.
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...and it was excellent! Really cute! Loved it.

Just keep swimming, just keep -- spoilers! )

So overall? Go see it; it's wonderful! Definitely recommended.
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...and it was good! Really good, actually. I enjoyed it.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far a -- spoilers! )

So overall? Go see it! Trust me, it's amazing.
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Just wanted to say sorry about that. I've been pretty busy. I've been working on math, French, etc. Also I realize that I've fallen majorly behind on my watching Doctor Who Season Eight -- I was intending to get back to it, but things kind of got in the way. Fortunately, I've gotten relatively back on track. Caught up with the Doctor Who episode "Listen". How was it? Really, really good! Highly recommended.

Adventures in time and -- spoilers! )

So overall? Awesome episode. Definitely one of the best of Season Eight so far.
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First off, happy Father's Day to everyone on my f-list (and their dads)! Also, sorry if I haven't been updating lately; I've been caught up. (Having tutoring, etc. doesn't help either)

Also had my brother's graduation (and had one of those "when did he grow up so fast" moments, I do admit), which went fine except for that storm that hit and trapped us inside his school for quite a while until we finally decided to just get out to the car and get home. That was scary. *Sighs* I'm just hoping that the weather doesn't get as violent for the rest of the summer (yeah, I know, knowing summer, unrealistic expectations).

Also went with my dad to see the movie Inside Out (Pixar). How was it? Pretty damn awesome.

Something clever here, SPOILERS! )

So overall? Go see it! It is awesome.
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And...mother of God does it live up to the hype. Seriously. What a wonderful, fun, absolutely goddamn enjoyable summer movie.

"I'm hooked on a -- SPOILERS!" )
So overall? Loved it. It definitely deserves being top at the box office right now, and all the great reviews it's gotten. Hell, I'd say it's the best movie of the summer so far! Go and see it; it's awesome. 
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It sort of took a while; let's say that my mom and I would have seen it sooner if not for the fact that we had to see Edge of Tomorrow and 22 Jump Street (two films I did love, don't get me wrong). But yeah, I finally saw MALEFICENT with my mom and I really enjoyed it. It was an awesome film. Different from the original Sleeping Beauty, yes, but awesome.

"I know you, I walked with you once upon a -- spoilers!" )

So overall? Go out and see it. Seriously! It's awesome.
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...and holy shit, it's awesome. Seriously disturbing in parts, but freaking awesome.

Warning for possible spoilers. )

So overall? Definitely go see it. It is fucking awesome.
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...and holy fucking shit, that was awesome. That movie deserves all the praise that it's been getting. I mean, it's amazing.

Warning for spoilers. )
So overall? Loved this movie. Fucking loved it. Go see it, now!
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Yeah, I am seriously behind on seeing that movie. XD Anyway, it was wonderful! I really enjoyed it. :)

Warning for spoilers under the cut. )

So yeah, overall? Loved it. And go and see it right now; you definitely won't regret it!
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And it's a crossover! With singing! And damn good jokes! And good meta! And something that even for someone who loved the movie personally, was still entertaining and enjoyable and amazing! *Squeeing noises*

Seriously, I needed the laugh before I went off to school. (First day of the new year; I'm already nervous. Class times to memorize and all) Thank you so much, Critic! (And Oancitizen, and Paw, and Brentalfloss, and Todd, and Malcolm and Rachel, and Linkara)
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Doing okay, really. Had a bit of...well, roughness for the past few days. Also got a new computer system installed, which is exciting. Knowing how to master it, though, is pretty damn hard. Doesn't help that it's touch screen, which with computers, I'm not really used to.
Getting better at it, though.

Also, rewatched THE DARK KNIGHT. How was it? Really good, but...holy fucking shit. Just...holy fucking shit.

Possible spoilers for those who haven't seen, and discussion of upsetting content.  )
So overall? Loved it. Definite must-see. 
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...and oh my God. Oh my Goddity God God. Amazing film, seriously, just amazing.

Spoilers, of course, for those who have not seen. )

So overall? Loved it. Definitely recommended. 
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...and honestly? It was really damn good. Loved it.

To boldly go where no man has gone be -- spoilers! )

So overall? Loved it. Definitely recommended.
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Or rewatched, rather. Anyway, it was as good as I remember it, if not better!

Adventures in time and -- spoilers! )
So overall? Loved it. Very much recommended. 
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