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Just wanted to say sorry about that. I've been pretty busy. I've been working on math, French, etc. Also I realize that I've fallen majorly behind on my watching Doctor Who Season Eight -- I was intending to get back to it, but things kind of got in the way. Fortunately, I've gotten relatively back on track. Caught up with the Doctor Who episode "Listen". How was it? Really, really good! Highly recommended.

Adventures in time and -- spoilers! )

So overall? Awesome episode. Definitely one of the best of Season Eight so far.
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How was it? Really, really good.

Avengers Assemb -- SPOILERS! )

So overall? It's an enjoyable film; I recommend it. I'll be watching something with my mom later, as it is Mother's Day. She didn't really come to the film as she was rather busy with homework. But yeah, I'm thinking of watching something with her later.

In the meantime, Happy Mother's Day!
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I've mostly been busy and all. College courses have been pretty tasking and I've been trying to keep up. That and I've been working on my stories. But I managed to get around to completing Season Eight ever since last year when I caught the Season Eight premiere, "Deep Breath". I watched "Into The Dalek" and "Robot Hood".

How were they? Well, I have mixed emotions.

Adventures In Time And -- Spoilers! )

So overall? I recommend them. Not as much as other episodes, but I still recommend them.
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This was a pretty special episode, really, considering that before it aired, we had a bit of a pre-showing with Chris Hardwicke (who I can't say I was very familiar with; it wasn't until later I realized, "Wait, I saw this guy in Rob Zombie's Halloween II!" Yes, I watched that movie; don't judge me. XD), who gave us some background on the previous doctors, which was really neat (I think my only real gripe was that they skipped Five and Six when discussing the Doctors, as well as the War Doctor, which was kind of weird) and it was pretty cool seeing him in general, just how excited he was about the season premiere. Wil Wheaton was actually on there too to sort of speculate about what kind of Doctor Twelve would be, and he kind of expected/hoped that Twelve would be a bit more alien in nature, etc. Which, I don't mind my more human-ish Doctors -- Ten is one of my personal favorites, after all, and I would argue he's the Doctor with the most human qualities -- but I can see his point. And we got a glimpse at some interviews with Jenna Louise Coleman and Peter Capaldi, which was also cool, discussing their dynamic, working together, etc. (Also, Peter Capaldi's really kind of soft-spoken and polite and really laid-back. It's pretty unusual considering how vibrant his Doctor is) And the viewing experience itself was enjoyable; I mean, there were the damn commercials, but I guess it's something you have to live with when you're watching something live on television. (They're showing more interview stuff at eleven, but I'm thinking I need to go to bed later. I already fucked up my sleep schedule by staying up until two in the morning; I don't need to fuck it up further)

As for the episode itself? Well, it was weird, I will freely admit, but overall, it was pretty enjoyable!

Adventures in time and -- spoilers! )
So overall? Great episode. Definitely recommended. Is it perfect? No. But it was still very fun to watch.

And I better get some sleep. Night, everyone. 
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...and it was fantastic! Seriously, go and watch it, it is just fucking awesome!

Warning for spoilers. And brief discussion of triggering/Squicky content. )
So overall? Go see it! Seriously, it's fucking awesome.
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...and it was a great episode, but sweet Christmas (pun fully intended) was it emotional.

Adventures in time and -- spoilers! )

So overall? I loved it. It had problems here and there, but overall, it was an amazing episode and a wonderful send-off to Eleven. I'm going to miss him, I really am, but I am definitely excited for what Peter Capaldi has in store for us.

Merry Christmas, everyone!
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Mostly on my mom's insistence. We were intending to watch it earlier and stuff like that, but let's say that real life stuff got in the way. Anyway, how was it? It was really good! Loved it. :)

Adventures in time and -- spoilers! )
So overall? It was fantastic. Definitely recommended.
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...and it was spectacular. Seriously, spectacular.

Warning for spoilers under cut. )

So overall? Go see it. Seriously. It's fucking awesome. 
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...and holy shit. I just...amazing movie, but goddamn is it a hard-hitting one as well.

And may the odds be ever in your -- spoilers! )
So yeah. Go see it. Seriously. It's amazing. 
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So, I just watched Night of the Doctor…

…and holy fuck. Holy shitballs. I mean…holy fucking shitballs.

Adventures in time and -- spoilers! )

So yeah, it was a great minisode. It really makes me all the more excited for “The Day of the Doctor”, to be honest. Well done, Steven Moffat. Very well done.

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Considering my current review is going to be very much STAR TREK related, this might be very appropriate! :D So anyway, doing okay, generally -- went swimming, which helped lift my mood a bit from the news. Also, got around to watching STAR TREK (the 2009 film). How was it? As good as I remember it, if not better!

To boldly go where no man has gone be -- spoilers! Also, warning for possibly upsetting content discussed. And rambling/meta. )

Honestly, it was an awesome movie. I know some may not necessarily agree (it's rather polarizing, after all), but honestly? In my opinion, it's fantastic. Definitely recommended. :)
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Currently doing okay, really. Actually, I'm doing brilliantly, I think. Had a good day with a friend, for example -- went bookshopping with her, bought some new books, including THE MISTS OF AVALON, the novelization of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, a book on writing fiction for the twenty first century, and the first book of the DARK TOWER series, THE GUNSLINGER. (The most surprising thing being that my mom did not freak out at this because when I was younger, she would never have let me buy a Stephen King book. Then again, considering that I had trouble sleeping even hearing about the premise of the story CUJO, she was probably right) Overall, a success. (Well, other than leaving my fanny pack at her apartment, but she managed to call me in time so I could go back and retrieve it)

Also, got THE SNOWMEN (finally!) on DVD. How was it? Honestly, excellent! Can't believe I missed something like this!

Adventures in time and -- spoilers! )
So overall? Loved it. Very much recommended. 
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I'm all right. I'm...generally doing all right. Was more than a little bummed earlier, really; can't exactly say why. Mostly using stuff like as a bit of stress relief. (Would definitely love other recommendations on feeling calmer/more cheerful/what-have-you, all things considered) Also researched (again) "The Impossible Planet" with my mom, if only because...well, it's just a damn good episode. One of my favorite two-parters, really, "The Impossible Planet" and "The Satan Pit" -- great characters, great dialogue, great atmosphere, a genuinely impressive and terrifying depiction of the Devil...just to name a few, actually. Also finished up Russell T. Davies' THE WRITER'S TALE.

Book review under cut.  )

So yes, I definitely recommend this book. Seriously.
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...and holy shit. I mean, seriously. Holy fucking shit.

Adventures in time and -- spoilers! )

So overall? Loved it. Definitely recommended.
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...and it was really honestly very good! Loved it.

Adventures in time and -- spoilers! )

So overall? Loved it. Definitely recommended. :)
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Currently doing all right. Really tired, though. (Let's say I've been feeling tired a lot lately, and I can't really say why) Also, the BluRay player downstairs appears to have broken down, so we're buying a new one. Suppose that really, it's no surprise. I mean, really -- it's a few years old.

So we had to watch the episode "The Crimson Horror" upstairs. How was it? Really, really good.
Adventures in time and -- spoilers! Also, warning for discussing of upsetting/triggering content. )So overall? Loved it. Very much recommended. 
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Generally doing decently. Working on icons per usual, as well as catching up on THE WRITER'S TALE, which continues to be an enjoyable read. Had the shooting script pages for scripts like THE END OF TIME in there, and yes, it hurts my heart even reading it as much as watching the actual episode onscreen. And speaking of which, heard about Matt Smith leaving the show at Christmas, which...well, it kind of sucks, really. *Sighs* I'm really going to miss him.

On a lighter note, watched "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS". How was it? A pretty good episode, though a bit odd.

Adventures in time and -- spoilers! Also warning for potentially upsetting content. )

Overall? I really liked it. Loved it, really. True, there were some things that bugged me, but overall, it was just a really damn good story with a good atmosphere, good characters, and honestly a lot more. I recommend you give it a watch.
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...and honestly? It was really, really good! Loved it.

Adventures in time and -- spoilers! )So overall? Loved it. Definitely recommended. 
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...and it was excellent! Really, really excellent. Loved it.
Adventures in time and -- spoilers! )So overall? Loved it. I suppose that making it a two-parter would have also worked if only to provide more time to sort of build up the threat of the Ice Warrior and the ultimate payoff, but really? Damn good episode. Definitely recommended. 
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...and it was amazing, but damn was it emotional.

Adventures in time and -- spoilers! )

So overall? Amazing episode. Definitely recommended.

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